Surety Success Story:Pacific Office Interiors

Pacific Office Interiors was purchased by the current president, Free Taylor, at the young age of 24. The company specializes in interior office spaces for major universities, global corporations, leading healthcare companies, government agencies, hospitality, and more. As part of their educational projects, Pacific Office Interiors occasionally needs bid bonds for public projects. In the past, they typically used their insurance agent to obtain their bid bonds, and while the service was always a little slow, they always got their bid bonds. That all changed in 2022 when Pacific Office Interiors had a bid to a long-time customer. 

They submitted a bid bond request a week in advance like always, but their agent wasn’t responding for some reason. They followed up and followed up but nothing. Then the day before the bid, Free Taylor decided he had to take matters into his own hands and find another surety agent to get this bid bond taken care of for this very important project. 

Free ended up reaching out to Shaunna Ostrom at Commercial Surety Bond Agency. Shaunna recognized the urgency of the issue with the bid bond needed the next day for the 2pm bid, so she dropped everything and began working on the bid bond request for Pacific Office Interiors. Shaunna was able to get approval by the end of the day and arrange for Pacific Office Interiors to get the bid bond.

Pacific Office Interiors ultimately bid the project and was the low bidder. “We are very grateful to Shaunna and CSBA for their quick work on our behalf. This project will generate significant revenue for our company, and it would have been a shame to lose out on it for no reason.” Free said. 

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