Surety Success Story:Force Demolition, Inc.

Longtime industry veteran, Duane Pate, started Force Demolition, Inc. from his house in 2019 with some capital and a dream. Duane recalls, “I remember obsessing over every detail about getting the business up and running. I thought through the guys I would have in the field, who could help me in the office, and how I was going to fund everything, but I had never dealt with surety bonds, so I wasn’t sure what to expect there.”, Duane recalls. “Dan at Commercial Surety Bond Agency met me for lunch, we went over my business plan in detail, and he walked me through the whole bonding process. He had their controller set up my accounting, helped me pick the accounting software to use, and introduced me to my CPA. It was like every area I was clueless about, they just walked me through it and put all the pieces in place.”

Duane goes on to say, “I knew we were going to have some big project opportunities come our way, because of some strong industry relationships I have. Dan kept telling me to just do the things he suggested with setting the business up properly and go out and make money, and he would take care of the bonding side when the opportunities came up. We started bonding some smaller jobs and doing well, and just as I expected, 18 months after starting, I got a huge opportunity with one of my large GC’s to bid a $10 million job at LAX. I had done tons of projects there in the past, and we had everything we needed to be successful…except we needed the bonding. I went over my gameplan with Dan, and he got it immediately. He fortunately has some high level connections at the surety, and was able to not only get the local manager out to meet me but also the top guy in the corporate office to fly out. Long story short, they approved the bond, and the project has gone amazing. Dan kept his promise, and it took my company to another level.”

Duane sums it up by saying, “All I know is that the team at CSBA are rockstars. If you want to grow your business, you need to call these guys.”

Today Force Demolition has over $25 million in bonding capacity.

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