Surety Success Story:Dean Visosky Contractors, Inc.

Dean Visosky Contractors was formed in 2015 as a union concrete subcontractor by partners, Joe Dean and Rick Visosky. “After I left my previous employer, I remember not knowing where to turn for help with bonding. It was going to be a big part of our business, and fortunately a friend of mine turned me onto Dan Huckabay at Commercial Surety Bond Agency.”, Joe Dean recalls. “We met at CSBA’s office, because well, we didn’t have one yet, and Dan asked me a lot of questions about my background, the way I managed jobs, and he really took the time to get to know me. He had me follow up with my resume and a list of projects I had completed. Rick and I had several meetings with Dan after that to talk about our goals and what we would need to do to get set up for the bonding, because that was going to be critical for our company. We knew we had tons of opportunities because of the long-term relationships we had in the industry, and we just needed someone to believe in us.” Joe goes on to say.

“Joe and Rick impressed me right off the bat,” said Dan. “They had incredible experience, really thought through their business plan, and every time I asked them a question, they were able to answer it immediately, because they had discussed it with each other already. They were also really open to taking my advice, which helped a ton.”

Dan explained, “The original plan for the company was to bid jobs under $1.5 million, but that quickly changed a year later when they got an opportunity with a good general contractor of theirs for a $4 million job at USC. Fortunately, the guys had been taking my suggestions. They had a good CPA by then, had made some money, and had established a line of credit with a bank I referred to them. As a result, we were able to convince the surety to take the leap based on their strong backgrounds and what they had shown us they could do up to that point.”

Today, Dean Visosky Contractors has continued to grow and has bonding capacity of more than $60 million.

Rick describes it this way, “CSBA showed tremendous trust in our teams when we were just a startup company. They have always been willing to listen and help guide us as we continue to grow our company. CSBA is one of our most trustworthy professional advisors for critical business decisions, and we would not be the company we are today if it were not for CSBA.”

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