Preparing for the Recession

On March 16th, UCLA Anderson forecast officially declared that the “U.S. economy has entered a recession, ending the expansion that began in July 2009.” Because

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What Are You Best At?

I received a year-end financial statement for one of our contractor clients, and the results were truly extraordinary! Not only did they manage to have

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Deadly Distractions

I was cleaning out some old files the other weekend, and I came across an article published in ENR in January 2008 by construction management

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How the Mighty Fall

Some might recognize the title of this article, as it was borrowed from a book written by Jim Collins. In his book, Collins explores why

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Ego Is The Enemy - Stay Within Your Capabilities

Ego is the Enemy

I just finished reading a fantastic book by Ryan Holiday titled, Ego is the Enemy. Ryan goes into detail about the various ways ego sabotages

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