How CSBA Helps Newer in Business Contractors

We are very proud to have a hand in guiding California contractors from their earliest days into strong companies. Our commitment is to help California contractors do more than just provide their surety bonds, but to help them build their company by guiding them on how to increase their bonding capacity, set up quality internal financials, and connect them with professionals such as CPA’s, bankers, and attorneys that can help the company achieve its goals.

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We invite you to explore the success stories of CSBA clients and see how our expertise in surety bonds and the construction industry helped shape their hard-earned success.

Examples of Contractors We've Helped

Dean Visosky Success Story Project.

Dean Visosky Contractors, Inc.

Dean Visosky Contractors was formed in 2015 as a union concrete subcontractor by partners, Joe Dean and Rick Visosky. “After I left my previous employer, I remember not knowing where to turn for help with bonding. It was going to be a big part of our business, and fortunately a friend of mine turned me onto Dan Huckabay at Commercial

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Force Demo Downtown Disney.

Force Demolition, Inc.

Longtime industry veteran, Duane Pate, started Force Demolition, Inc. from his house in 2019 with some capital and a dream. Duane recalls, “I remember obsessing over every detail about getting the business up and running. I thought through the guys I would have in the field, who could help me in the office, and how I was going to fund

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Marin Concrete.

Marin Concrete

When Marin Concrete contacted CSBA in 2017, they were in their second year of business and using a surety agent out of the area for their performance bonds. They had never met in person, and the agent hadn’t taken much time to get to know Ivan Marin’s background or his goals for the company. “Dan at CSBA and I had

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Buhler Commercial AAK Office.

Buhler Commercial

“I started my general contracting company in 2015.” Steve Buhler recalled. “I was doing mostly private work, but I wanted to get into public work construction. That was going to require bid bonds, and I had no idea where to start. CSBA reached out to me one day asking if I needed help getting set up for bid bonds, and

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Buhler Commercial wanted to break into public work construction and needed help to secure the required bid bonds. We helped them successfully apply to the Small Business Administration Bond Guarantee Program, and they now are able to bid on projects up to $12 million.

Dean Visosky Contractors needed guidance in establishing their bonding capacity. After meeting with them to understand their past experience and goals for their business, we provided the roadmap for the steps to take to achieve those goals and secure the bonding capacity needed.

The owner of Force Demolition had decades of experience when starting his business, but he needed guidance on how to set their business up in a way to position it for success. We helped them select the appropriate accounting software, introduced them to a construction-oriented CPA, and partnered them with a surety company that was willing to put a lot of weight in their prior track record. They now have over a $25 million bonding capacity.

Marin Concrete was working with a surety agent to help them secure performance bonds they needed, but being dissatisfied with the limited-sized bonds the agent was getting them, they met with us. Quickly, we increased the performance bond limits to $2 million per project and worked on a plan to improve internal accounting to grow their bonding capacity. Today, it exceeds $25 million.

A Guide to Surety Bonds for Newer in Business Contractors

Below you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions newer contractors have about establishing a bond program or growing their bond limits to achieve their goals.

CSBA has a team of surety experts that can help you step-by-step through the bonding process, and we are passionate about helping newer construction companies grow.

Learn how CSBA can help your construction business grow!

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