Why We Make Bad Decisions (And How To Avoid Them).

Why We Make Bad Decisions

In Jim Collins’ famous book Good to Great (Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t), he says that, “One of the dominant themes from our research is that breakthrough results come about by a series of good decisions, diligently executed and accumulated one on top of another.”

Steve Jobs: How Laser Focus Lead To His Success.

Steve Jobs – How Laser Focus Lead to His Success

Most people attribute Steve Job’s success to his incredible creative genius, which was certainly a huge factor, but what many don’t realize is how his ability to identify his top three priorities and obsessively laser in on them was what helped him execute his great ideas.

7 Tips To Increase Bonding Capacity - CSBA

7 Tips to Increase Bonding Capacity

As the construction market continues to improve, we are seeing more contractors needing increased bonding capacity. For some contractors this means wanting the ability to bid larger projects and for others it’s a matter of more overall bonding capacity to support their growing backlog.

Ego Is The Enemy - Stay Within Your Capabilities

Ego is the Enemy

I just finished reading a fantastic book by Ryan Holiday titled, Ego is the Enemy. Ryan goes into detail about the various ways ego sabotages our efforts, and how it often does so in a subtle and elusive way like water rotting out the foundation of your home.

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