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Preparing for the Recession

On March 16th, UCLA Anderson forecast officially declared that the “U.S. economy has entered a recession, ending the expansion that began in July 2009.” Because of construction being deemed “essential”, most of our construction clients have yet to feel the full impact. We have had very few of our contractors report of jobs being shut …

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What Are You Best At?

I received a year-end financial statement for one of our contractor clients, and the results were truly extraordinary! Not only did they manage to have their biggest revenue year ever, they also had their highest gross profit margin. I asked one of the owners what they would attribute their success to, and I thought his …

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Deadly Distractions

I was cleaning out some old files the other weekend, and I came across an article published in ENR in January 2008 by construction management expert, Dr. Thomas Schleifer, titled Success Can Bring Deadly Distractions. The article reminded me of when I graduated college in 2003 and started to take over ownership of my agency. …

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How the Mighty Fall

Some might recognize the title of this article, as it was borrowed from a book written by Jim Collins. In his book, Collins explores why certain companies that rose to become the best in their industry eventually spiraled downward. Companies like Circuit City, Kodak or Sears that once dominated their respective sectors and have faded …

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A Tale of Two Contractors

One of the really interesting things about the surety business is you get to look behind the curtain of a ton of contractors’ operations. Daily, we get to hear the opportunities and struggles that our customers face while at the same time seeing how the financial results play out.

The Culture Of Continuity - 3 Steps To Take Now.

The Culture of Continuity

When most people talk about the continuity of construction businesses, the focus is typically on the technical elements such as who the buyer will be, how the purchase will be funded, tax ramifications and how to maintain bonding and banking credit. However, successfully transitioning a business starts years before these decisions need to be made …

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