Shaunna Ostrom

Senior Underwriter

Ms. Ostrom is a graduate of University of San Diego, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration. Ms. Ostrom has worked in the surety industry since 2004 and served on the Board of the Surety Underwriters Association of Southern California from 2008-2010, starting as the secretary, then transitioning to vice president and finally president. She has also received four gold awards from the Surety Information Office, a national surety organization, for excellence in surety bond promotion by giving presentations on the basics of bonding.

As a Senior Account Manager with CSBA, Ms. Ostrom’s primary responsibility is to guide clients on how to increase their bonding and ensure they have the capacity they need to accomplish their objectives. In doing so, she analyzes financial results giving feedback and advice, coordinates with other service providers like CPAs and banks, and ultimately, makes sure each client is placed with the right surety to serve their needs. 

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