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If you were going to climb Mount Everest, you would want the most experienced guides who are organized, thorough, plan a detailed route, anticipate bad conditions, and have relationships with the best Sherpas. In many ways, our role as bonding agents is similar to these expert guides without the danger, and in a lot of respects, the guidance part of our job is more important than simply getting our customers bonds. After all, there’s no point in getting to the top (getting the bond) if you don’t make it down the mountain to tell your story (being profitable and staying in business).

Expert Help

To get our clients up the mountain and back down again, we use our 225 years of combined expert surety experience gained by working with over 300 contractors to help our customers in a wide variety of areas so that they can become the best contractor they can be. Our methods include things like:

  • Overall strategic planning
  • Helping our customers understand their financial ratios
  • Evaluating bank line of credit covenants
  • Assist with finding key accounting personnel such as controllers and CFO’s
  • Continuity planning (key employees, family members, and ESOP’s) mergers and acquisitions
  • Subcontractor prequalification 
  • Project risk evaluation and mitigation

We do all of this in a variety of ways ranging from a one-on-one consultation with our clients, newsletters we write throughout the year, an annual report we provide on the state of the construction and surety industries, and educational conferences and seminars we put on exclusively for our clients.

At the end of the day, we believe our true value comes from helping our clients become the best version of their business they can be, and when on that journey, it’s always easier to have expert guidance on an existing route than to go it alone to discover the trail yourself. 

If you’re ready to have an expert guide by your side climbing the mountain towards success, we invite you to contact us here:

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