City of Anaheim

Project Scope and Details

Scope of Work:

Removal & Replacement of 11 Vertical Turbine Booster Pumps

Year Completed:

Completed in 2022

Contract Value:



Anaheim, California

This is the Linda Vista Complex Pump Station Improvement Phase 2 Project for the City of Anaheim. The Linda Vista Complex is a critical water storage and pumping facility for Anaheim. This Complex is a stategic source for Anaheim’s water system. This project was for phase 2 improvements that consists of replacement of existing pumps with new up sized pumps and moters, replacing the existing electrical and controls, construction of a new building to house the new electrical controls, demoltion and removal of the abandoned on-site facilities, and other related site improvements. The job started in 2019 and came to a successful completion in 2022.

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