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We at CSBA pride ourselves on being experts in surety bonds and bonding programs, helping California contractors gain access to the surety bonds they need while guiding them through bonding programs to give them a leg up in their business.

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The Small Business Administration (SBA) bonding program helps smaller contractors that are not likely to be approved by a standard surety bond company obtain the bonding capacity they need to pursue government contracts at the federal, state, and local levels. The program provides a way for contractors to get past the typical barriers for increasing their bonding capacity and building their business. CSBA has worked with the SBA program since 1984, and our mission is to help the next generation of contractors grow.

What Makes CSBA Different?

Increase Your Bonding Capacity

To grow your business, you have to grow your bonding capacity and that is our entire expertise. Partner with a team that knows how to successfully do both.

Same Day

Waiting time can cost you bids. We guarantee to review your application the same day we receive it.

SBA Bond Guarantee Program Experts

Designed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to increase participation in government contracting, the SBA program enables contractors to get larger bonding capacity than they can through standard sureties. Contact one of our experts to see if it’s right for you.

Bonds Up To $750K with Good Credit. No Financials.

Have good credit and are looking for a bond under $750k? CSBA can get you same-day approval with a simple one-page application.

Simple In-House Underwriting

Our in-house underwriting team has the authority to approve bonds up to $2 million. This means you deal with the decision-makers directly reducing the back-and-forth, so we can get you bonded right away.

Represent 35 Different Surety Companies

We have access to more surety companies than other agents do, and more sureties equal better options to meet your goals.

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How Does the Surety Bond Program Work?

The SBA bond guarantees to surety companies that when they write bonds for contractors who are in the program, the administration will pay up to 90% of the losses incurred on the bonds. Reducing the liability for surety companies creates less risk and enables them to issue the surety bonds needed to contractors who would not otherwise qualify.

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To qualify for the SBA’s program, a contractor must contact a surety agent that has access to surety companies that participate in the program.

The application process itself is quite similar to applying for any other bond program, but with an additional application to be completed for the SBA. To successfully enter the program, a contractor must qualify as a small business according to the SBA’s size standards.

The contractor must also perform at least 15% of the work themselves and certify that they are not debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from transactions with any federal department or agency presently.

SBA Surety Bond Testimonial

Buhler Commercial

“I started my general contracting company in 2015.” Steve Buhler recalled. “I was doing mostly private work, but I wanted to get into public work ...
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What is the Cost of the Bond Program?

A traditional premium for a surety bond contract is between 1-3% of the contract amount, but the SBA charges an additional fee of 0.6% of the bond amount on top of the premium charged. The SBA fee is due before the bond can be issued. To apply to the program, there is no charge, nor for bid bonds.

Download the SBA Surety Bond Program Guide

It’s a big misconception that the program is only available to newer contractors, but that isn’t true. To better help contractors in California learn all the options available to them through the SBA bond program, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that can be downloaded.


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