“Before we met CSBA, it felt like pulling teeth when we needed a bond. The surety underwriter always had tons of questions and asked for additional financial information for every single bond.

When we got in touch with CSBA, they had us provide an initial package to underwrite our account. They met with us shortly thereafter to understand our business and needs. They told us we shouldn’t have to be put through the wringer every time we need a bond, and they said they thought they could triple our bonding capacity from $10 million aggregate to $30 million.

We’ve been with CSBA for a year now, and they lived up to their word. We thought it sounded too good to be true, but I rarely have to get involved in the day-to-day bonding process now, which has allowed me to focus on running our company. Even better is we finally feel like we have the support to pursue any of the profitable work we can find.”

Doug – Specialty Contractor

In April of 2018, we were with another bond agency, and at the time, we had a bond program of $4 million. Our agent was telling us that our bonding was full and we couldn’t bid a $1.5 million job the following week.

I got in touch with CSBA on a Thursday and they worked with me all weekend to get the bond approved. Not only that, but they helped me put the things I needed in place to increase my bonding program. In less than a year, I can now bid jobs up to $5 million and have an aggregate capacity of $25 million.

They are incredible to work with, and I would recommend CSBA to any contractor I meet.

Garrett – Engineering Contractor