Covid-19 has challenged all of us to adapt to an environment that we probably never thought was possible. But what
On March 16th, UCLA Anderson forecast officially declared that the "U.S. economy has entered a recession, ending the expansion that
I received a year-end financial statement for one of our contractor clients, and the results were truly extraordinary! Not only
Chris Thornburg of Beacon Economics spoke to the Southern California Contractors Association in January and had a different view than
I was cleaning out some old files the other weekend, and I came across an article published in ENR in
Some might recognize the title of this article, as it was borrowed from a book written by Jim Collins. In
One of the really interesting things about the surety business is you get to look behind the curtain of a
When most of us hear the words “taking inventory”, we typically think of reviewing physical assets that a business has
There was an eye-opening article in ENR on March 14, 2019 about Munilla Construction Management (MCM), the prime contractor involved
When most people talk about the continuity of construction businesses, the focus is typically on the technical elements such as
In Jim Collins’ famous book Good to Great (Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t), he says that,
Warren Buffet has said that the true role of any Chief Executive Officer is to be the Chief Risk Officer.